The Italian leader for lifters.

Equipped Workshop

We are fast, we are professionals

Machinery Maintainance

On site repairing in every Europe country


We got the right machine for the right work

Complete Machinery Revisions

Machines security is a priority an we take care of

Targeted advisors

We help our client choosing the best machine for their works

Sales and Rentals

We care of our clients in pre and post selling

No project is too big for Us

Our Lifting machines serves art and public structures in the EU.

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50 years in the lifters bussiness

Our know how came from hard work, passion and dedication.

Fifty years of selling, renting, repairing and make companies works possible.

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Registered Office

Via F. Paolo Luisio, 54
70032, Bitonto (BA) (Italy)

Operational Headquartes

Via A. Grandi, 61
48123, Ravenna (RA) (Italy)

+39 0544 451 888

Commercial and Repairing Headquartes

Operational Headquartes

EMERGENCIES - Ghirardelli Giovanni

+39 0544 451 672